School of Postgraduate Studies


The School of Postgraduate Studies is the traditional flagship of research activities and the melting pot of scientific and technological ideas, especially in a UniversityofTechnology. Therefore, the need for an accurate and up-to-date compendium on the curricula and management of Postgraduate Training and Research requires little emphasis.

At the inception of the School of Postgraduate Studies, the demands of the time may have been such that did not see the provision of a Prospectus as a priority need. However, with increasing student enrolment, the rising interest in our Postgraduate Programmes coupled with the emerging global trends towards market-driven educational system, the production and availability of a Prospectus on our Postgraduate Studies has become, not only imperative, but indeed long overdue.

It is therefore gratifying, that this effort which has been in gestation in the last couple of months has come to fruition in the form of a well-packaged maiden edition of Postgraduate Prospectus. With this publication, prospective students will be well informed of the options open to them and be guided in their choice of courses and fields of specialization. Indeed, the merger into a single volume of the Regulations Governing Higher Degrees and Diplomas, the Curricula, list of Postgraduate teaching staff, Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission of Theses and the conduct of Theses Defence will ensure that postgraduate students and indeed the operators of postgraduate programmes can no longer feign ignorance of the regulations and curricula of their respective programmes. This would certainly facilitate not only the work of Senate and Board of Postgraduate Studies but, indeed, other organs of the University charged with management of Postgraduate Training and Research.

Should the prospective students, members of staff and, indeed, general readers find this Prospectus informative, then it would have achieved its objectives, as I am certain it will.